Craft Beer Review – North Coast Grand Cru

North Coast Grand Cru

North Coast Grand Cru: Day 14 of my Advent Calendar exchange with my father, featuring North Coast’s Grand Cru which is a beer brewed with agave nectar, fermented with a Belgian yeast and is aged in oak Bourbon barrels. This beer comes in a 500 mL caged and corked bottle and has an abv strength of 12.9%, which is about the strength of most champagnes or white wines.

Aroma and Appearance: It pours a cloudy gold colour with two fingers of  white foam and some slow rising bubbles. The aroma is oak, grains, white grapes, vanilla, pears and some floral over tones.

Flavour: Very similar to the aroma, I got the oak, pear, grapes, vanilla and grains up front and in the middle, however it also finishes with a spicy coriander flavour that lingers which is likely from the Belgian yeast they used.

Overall Impression: This is pretty great, consider this over an over priced champagne as the flavour profile is similar, but way better in my opinion. It also hits about as hard as champagne so watch out!

Rating: Awesome, 9/10 for sure.

Food Pairing: Melt a some brie and dip some light crackers in it to enjoy with a beer like this.

I their Sequoia Room at the brewery, they host weekly jazz and blues dinner concerts which look pretty interesting, here’s a little taste of what to expect if you want to go to one.

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