Import Craft Beers – Anderson Valley Hop Ottin IPA

Anderson Valley Hop Ottin IPA

From a solar powered brewery in Boonville, CA comes Anderson Valleys Brewing’s Hop Ottin IPA (7.0%, poured from a 22oz bottle at home)

Aroma and Appearance: Pours a darker cloudy amber with an inch of foam, nice and bubbly and contains a very, very mild floral and citrus hop aroma with malty toffee.

Flavour: Very, very malt forward with heavy toffee, raisin a bit of hidden hops with a sweet and slightly bitter finish.

Overall Impression: This is one threw me off a bit, not even close to what I was expecting. I assumed a traditional west coast IPA and got a heavy malted, almost barleywine type of beer.

Rating: I would rate about 7/10, it was actually very good, just not what I expected and not even close to most peoples reviews of the flavours. Its possible the bottle was old, the bottle code is 181 d-1 1010, so it’s possible that it was from 2010 as basically all of the hop flavour and aroma was essentially gone.

Food Pairing: Sharp cheddar or something with caramelized onions

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