Import Beers – Asahi Super Dry

Asahi Super Dry

All the way from Japan comes the commercial offering Asahi Super Dry (5% alc, from a tiny 4oz can in a teeny 4oz taster glass). Some days you don’t have room in your diet for a big beer, today was one of them so I drank a tiny beer.

Aroma and Appearance: Light transparent honey colour, pours with a finger of foam that dissipates quickly, aroma faint sweet hay, rice and corn.

Flavour: Tastes like water with a bit of lemon and a dry finish, refreshing but hardly any flavour although a pleasant after taste.

Overall Impression: It would be easy to drink a lot of this, something to drink on a hot day when the beer store is closed and it is all you have left. Also a good water replacement if you aren’t driving anywhere.

Rating: I would rate about 5/10 as in average, just because it is so cheap and not horrible.

Food Pairing: Use as a marinade, or pair with sushi or Chinese food.

2 thoughts on “Import Beers – Asahi Super Dry

  1. Oh god these are sooo funny I see them all the time here. I personally like Kirin lager the best out of the main brands here in Japan… I use to like Yebisu the best… it’s still really good, but I found that most main stream Japanese beers are not that good… they use a lot of corn to brew with here which I don’t like. After 1,500 different beers (that I counted) I finally started a Rate Beer account: … not sure if I’m going to care to review everything.. pretty sure I won’t I should have done it from the start… I was keeping the bottles thought to catalogue later… but then there were too many and I just didn’t have that drive like you do here. Way to go! lol.

    • I actually just went to the Asahi brewery here in Fukuoka like a month ago… it’s huge.. but it wasn’t a very impressive tour. Although you get hooked up pretty well going to the tour though. 3 “free” beers, a tour, and a yakiniku bbq afterwards with another beer and some miso and rice for like $15… Beer here in Japan is pricey. There are three different categories of beer here… The worst which is Daiso No Biiru, Then … Happoshu … then you Nama biiru which is “draft” beer. They have taxation on malt content here so when you reach a higher level of malt the tax increases on the beer… but of courses it better… I swear it’s just a lobbying ploy to keep these main stream brands on top… I think I maybe kind of like a couple happoshu beers… but it’s because they’re okay without the high malt content as like a white or something.. but happoshu and daiso no biiru makes me sick when I drink it.

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