Roadtrip to Seattle for Craft Beer and Comic Con

One of the great things about living in Vancouver is that you live pretty close to other cool cities like Seattle. I make an annual trek to the city for Comic Con because I can be a bit of a nerd and at the same time it make a great excuse to go beer shopping, clothing shopping and beer tasting down there. It makes for a fun trip with lots of flavour for the family.

Beer tasting at The Taphouse Grill (downtown Seattle) – aka the Craft Beer Market of Seattle with 160 taps


This is a great place to sample beer, albeit a little bit expensive ($11 for 4x6oz samplers), you can’t deny that the variety alone makes for an interesting night of beer sampling and they have some pretty good us brews on tap as well as some worldly selections and pretty good quality food to go with it at a reasonable price. I managed to sample over 20 beers here (2 pints and 5 sampler trays), splitting the samplers with my father so that I could still walk out of there intact. They had some good Nitrogenated Beer selections, some big beers and all kinds of other stuff. I go back here every year for this.

Here is how they are served:

taphouse samplers example

Here is what we sampled:

taphouse samplers



Emerald City Comic Con – aka Dorkfest as my wife calls it

ecc logo


Now I have been going to this show since the 2nd one they ever had in 2004, so this was my 10th trip to this show which is kind of neat considering how it started out as a true dorkfest and has since attracted the likes of Stan Lee, Patrick Stewart, William Shatner, Wil Wheaton, and many more sci-fi actors and celebrities. It’s no San Diego Con, but for our part of the world it’s pretty awesome. I always try and collect a few sets of my current favourite comics and this year I did well picking up some Star Wars, Spectre and Ghost issues as well as had fun with my family. I recommend going at least once, or checking our the Vancouver Fan Expo this upcoming Easter Weekend.

Check out this link for some of the crazy and awesome costumed guests there

My kids in disguise after completing the super hero missions:

kids comic con


Balloon Spiderman that my son played with for hours:

spidey baloon


Some sketch cover comics I purchased from an artist there:

ecc sketch covers

Oh and I found this Pancakes and Bacon cupcake at a place not too far from our hotel:

pancakes and bacon cupcake

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