I have leveled up in Beer Geekiness

I would say on a scale of 1-5, I have leveled up to a level 4 beer geek. How can that be, well I home brew, I blog about beer, I attend festivals, I have a respectable cellar, I have a Level 1 Beer Enthusiast Certification, I host the odd tasting party (I own 10 sets of taster trays), and now I custom ordered these little beauties off vistaprint…



I have often disliked typing on my smartphone or computer while sipping a beer as I prefer to relax and enjoy in a fairly distraction free environment. With these I am able to casually take notes while enjoying a beer and then transfer them here after. They are fantastic and pretty reasonable at around $5 a pop, less if you order more. I can hear the groans from my wife already!

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