BC Craft Beer – Old Yale Brewing Screaming Banshee Irish Cream Stout

Old Yale Brewing Screaming Banshee Irish Cream Stout

Old Yale Brewing Screaming Banshee Irish Cream Stout: Formerly know as Larry’s Irish Cream Stout, this 7.5% abv beer is brewed in Chilliwack, BC and is infused with Irish cream to give it some extra flavour and flair.

Aroma and Appearance: Pours dark red with some decent lacing foam and carries an aroma of sweet dark coffee, cream, Irish whiskey and roasted grains.

Flavour: Super smooth thick creamy stout with lots of roasted grains and toasted bread up front. It has a milky flavour accompanied by a super creamy texture in the middle while it finishes with notes of  dry chocolate some Irish Whiskey in the aftertaste.

Overall Impression: Really well done, perfect for the holiday and super fresh. Lots of roasty goodness here and the Irish cream adds to the flavour without overpowering the beer.

Rating: I would rate about 8/10 for a craft beer as in excellent. This would make a great St. Patrick’s Day beer, but can be enjoyed at any time.

Food Pairing: Irish Kerrygold dubliner cheese, or some chocolate stout cake.

Here’s what the old beer bottle looked like with the old name and label, but same stuff inside.

Old Yale Brewing Larry's Irish Cream Stout

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