Commercial Beer Review – Shock Top Raspberry White

Shock Top Raspberry WhiteShock Top – Raspberry White: Is a Belgian Wheat Fruit Beer that is brewed in Canada by Labatt (shudder) at a strength of 5.2% and was enjoyed at home in a 22 oz beer glass during lunch. This is the Canadian brewed version, not sure if that makes it better, but see below for more.

Aroma and Appearance: It pours a somewhat cloudy gold, with 2 generous fingers of head and lots of bubble action in the glass. The aroma is distinctive raspberry and a touch of grassy malt.

Flavour: It is raspberry forward, with some orange, a creamy mouth feel and definitive wheat flavour and texture that leaves you salivating as it goes down.

Overall Impression: As a craft beer fan I hate myself a little for saying this, but it was delicious, creamy and raspberry flavoured without any hint of alcohol.

Rating: I give it a very good rating of 7/10, I would never turn one of these down its quite nice and simple and refreshing.

Food Pairing: Would pair nicely with toast and jam, I had it with bacon jam on bread and it was great.

Apparently I found my guilty pleasure beer, both Shock Top and Blue Moon actually make decent beer despite being huge commercial brands. Sure not always amazing, but a good go to in the USA if you don’t want any monkey piss.



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