Import Craft Beers – Mill Street Brewery Vanilla Porter

Mill Street Vanilla Porter

Beer 6 from Mill Street’s Seasonal 6 pack sampler is Mill Street Brewery’s Vanilla Porter (5.0% alc, poured at home from a widgetized can)

Aroma and Appearance: This beer pours a very dark reddish brown with a massive cascade and a gargantuan 2.5 inch head. Aroma is roasted coffee beans and vanilla, honestly it smells like a toned down iced latte.

Flavour: I was greeted by flavours of dark coffee, of course vanilla (but not overpowering) and a thick, creamy uber-smooth mouth-feel that makes this beer go down way too easy.

Overall Impression: I really like vanilla porters, especially nitrogen one’s so needless to say I really enjoyed this beer and would order it on tap in a second. It has more flavour that your standard Guinness, and held up better than some of the other nitrogen beers I have had.

Rating: I would rate about 8/10 for a craft beer as in awesome, this is my first choice nitrogen beer at the moment.

Food Pairing: This would pair well with biscotti, chocolate cake or anything mocha flavoured.

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