Things to do – A quick taster tray at Green Leaf Brewing


Green Leaf Brewing

Green Leaf Brewing Sampler Tray

I decided to get a quick taster tray at Green Leaf Brewing, sampling four of their beers on tap. I am big fan of taster trays as its a perfect way to try lots of beer, for less money, with less alcohol consumption (especially for places that only sell their offerings in 22oz bottles). I believe these were 3oz samplers so that they can stay within their license limit and it costs $6 for that taster tray in the picture. Sure, you can fill a small growler for that price and get a lot more beer, but this makes for a fun diversion after a busy day.

Beers ordered from LEFT to RIGHT in the picture are: 

  • Burning Rock Ale – I rated 6/10 – has a nice bitterness to it, almost more of an ESB than an Ale
  • Pie Hole Pale Ale – I rated 7/10 – very good, nice hop aroma and malt flavour
  • Les Saisoniers – I rated 8/10 – nice spicy saison, very grassy, bready and peppery, would pair perfectly with farmers sausage
  • Bitter Leaf IPA – I rated 6/10 – like it’s name, this is one for the Bittering Hop Heads, it has just enough malt sweetness to balance out the bitter to make it drinkable and is rated at 80 IBU

If you are at Lonsdale Quay, definitely go here and sample some beer. It’s a cool setup, their growler fills are reasonably priced and their beer is quite good. The only one I would buy again is the Les Saisoniers, however I wouldn’t hesitate to order a Pie Hole Pale Ale on tap or try another one of their beers. I like their stout when it was first released and overall they make pretty good stuff here and they are starting to get a little more creative with their releases. I hope they stick around as the location must have cost a fortune.

2 thoughts on “Things to do – A quick taster tray at Green Leaf Brewing

    • I tend to rate a little harsh, I need something overly interesting to get into the 8 and above range. A well executed to style beer generally gets a 7 in my books, which I consider very good, but not good enough for me to get another bottle anytime soon. Their saison was excellent, very interesting and unique enough to stand out. They are off to a good start though, I just hope the try and make an impact on the market big enough to afford their location!

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