BC Craft Beer Cocktail Review – Mission Springs Cranberry Ginger Radler

Mission Springs Cranberry Ginger Radler

Mission Springs Cranberry Ginger Radler: Is a pre-mixed can of beer blended with ginger infused cranberry and grape juice to bring the alcohol strength down to a very sessionable 3.0% abv. I refer to this as a beer cocktail, because it isn’t just beer and you can make a Radler by adding really any juice to a beer, traditionally lemonade however any juice will do. If you add OJ it’s often called a beermosa, another good beer cocktail that I really enjoy if it’s made with a spicy beer like a Belgian blonde ale. To learn more about the history of Radlers, go to this site for an interesting read.

Aroma and Appearance: It pours a cranberry red, with minimal foam and lots of bubbles. Its aroma is pretty simple with cranberry tartness, ginger and cereal grains.

Flavour: These beer cocktails are always interesting. The juice of the cranberries, grapes and the ginger infusion hit first while the cereal grains and the lemon from the beer sneak in after while it finishes with some light grape juice on the aftertaste.

Overall Impression: It’s pretty darn good and refreshing while not tasting overly sweet which is nice.

Rating: I give it a very good rating of 7.5/10, it goes down easy and has a surprisingly subtle complexity to it.

Food Pairing: Would pair well with cheese cake, soft cheeses, or work as a basic table drink for a meal.

Here’s a snapshot of their brewpub from their Facebook Page, I have never been to the pub itself because I live about an hour away from it, but I have to admit it looks pretty fun!



One thought on “BC Craft Beer Cocktail Review – Mission Springs Cranberry Ginger Radler

  1. It’s a nice pub and a great place for dinner. If you don’t have wheels maybe we could head out there for a pint and a bite. This brew was fun as i like cranberry, ginger and grapes. One note from my understanding a raddler was traditionally mixed with grapefruit.

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