Craft Beer Review – Delirium Christmas (aka Noël)

Delirium Christmas

Delirium Christmas (aka Noël): I got this beer as part of a 4 pack that was released around Christmas time, which included this super awesome glass that I will cherish for years to come. I mean who doesn’t love pink elephants with Santa hats on them right? This is a Belgian Strong Ale brewed to a strength of 10% abv and is obviously their winter seasonal release, I am saving the other one for next year as I hope to vertical this one day if continues to be sold here.

Aroma and Appearance: This pours a dark bubbly amber colour with two fingers of fluffy foam and its aroma consists of malty plums, raisins, toffee, leather and figs.

Flavour: This beer started off with a sweet dark malty toffee flavour with some fruity plums and prunes. In the middle I noticed a very light mouth feel from the carbonation with some fruit leather and molasses notes, finally it finished with a dried fig flavour that was quite delightful.

Overall Impression: If you like darker, malty beers like me this is a great one to pick up. Instead of adding spices they focus on the flavours of the season commonly found in butter tarts, sugar plums and figgy pudding.

Rating: Excellent at 8.5/10, and I would say this glass is probably my favourite one of my collection now too.

Food Pairing: I think some sweet sugar cookies topped with coarse candy sugar would accompany this quite nicely by imitating a pie crust in a butter tart and creating that sweet biscuit and malty fruit combo that many of us cherish.

Delirium is celebrating 25 years and they are putting together some tributes while inviting people to participate by uploading some photos on their site. I submitted the one in my review just for the fun of it, check out the video below for more information! Even more important, they are releasing a Jubilee version of Delerium, can’t wait for that one!

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