Local Craft Beer – Granville Island Shamrocker Potato Stout

Granville Island Shamrockers Potato Stout

Brewed in Vancouver, BC comes Granville Island’s Shamrocker Potato Stout (4.8% alc, poured at home from a 22oz bottle), lately these small batch beers from this place have been pretty good.

Aroma and Appearance: pours a very dark red and appears black in the glass, with a small dark head that dissipates quickly. Aroma consists of roasted almost burnt molasses and smoke.

Flavour: smooth dark roasted coffee, lots of smoke, but not in an overpowering way. Despite the name, no potato flavour detected however as it promises you can really experience the dry bitter finish which is quite pleasant.

Overall Impression: This is perfect as an Irish stout and a fun bottle for St Paddy’s day so I am glad I picked it up. Not sure on how much potato is in there, but I am sure it contributed to it the beer somehow. It’s a once a year type beer, but not in a bad way.

Rating: I would rate about 7/10 for a craft beer as in very good. The nice dry finish and easy drinking really helps it out and the flavour is nice on the palette and a 22oz bottle won’t knock you out for the night.

Food Pairing: The bottle suggests Oysters, but I paired with Kerrygold “Blarney Castle” Gouda which is much more convenient and pairs perfectly with this one.

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