BC Craft Beer Review – Dead Frog Bucking Black Sheep Buckwheat IPA

Dead Frog Bucking Black Sheep Buckwheat IPA

Dead Frog Bucking Black Sheep Buckwheat IPA: A new single batch limited release which also comes in White, this Black IPA is brewed at a strength of 6.5% abv with 41 IBUs made up of Galaxie and Centennial hops and was brewed in August 2014. I had already quite enjoyed the regular buckwheat IPA so was interested to see how different this one was. Obviously this one has different malts, and it does have a different hop profile but both have buckwheat.

Aroma and Appearance: It pours with three fingers of tan foam and a dark brown colour with no visible carbonation. The aroma is lemon citrus, grapefruit, toasty bread and hints of coffee and cocoa.

Flavour: There is a fair amount of lemon in this, with well toasted bread malt, just touch of nuttiness and earth in the middle and finally a grilled grapefruit bitter finish.

Overall Impression: Didn’t mind the grilled citrus fruit, but it wasn’t an enhancer in my mind either.

Rating: I give it a very good rating of 7/10, something I would recommend trying for yourself.

Food Pairing: It would be silly to pair this with anything other than herbed lamb chops right, but this time on the BBQ.

I preferred the regular Bucking Sheep, however I am glad I got to try this one too.


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