Import Craft Beers – Mill Street Brewery Cobblestone Stout

Mill Street Tankhouse Cobblestone Stout

Beer 4 from Mill Street’s Seasonal 6 pack sampler is Mill Street Brewery’s Cobblestone Stout (4.2% alc, poured at home from a can with a nitrogen widget)

Aroma and Appearance: This beer pours a very dark reddish brown and appears black in the glass. It is nitrogenated, so pours with a decent cascading effect and an 3/4 inch thick foam at the top. Its aroma consists of dark smokey coffee and burnt molasses.

Flavour: Super smooth textured beer that has a creamy mouth-feel brought on by the thick foam. Flavours of coffee, burnt marshmallow and cocoa come through and it finishes as smooth as it started with a mild smokey aftertaste.

Overall Impression: I am a big Guinness fan so this one goes down great for me and I would love to try it on tap. The added flavour and the nice creamy foam make this a pleasure to drink and the low alcohol makes it a sessionable beverage.

Rating: I would rate about 7/10 for a craft beer as in excellent, an easy pick over Guinness and pours better from a can than most store bought Guinness.

Food Pairing: This would pair well with smoked meat, smoked cheddar or hearty sausages.

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