Local Craft Beer – Bowen Island Artisan IPA

Bowen Island Artisan IPA (5.5% alc, poured at home from a can)

‎Aroma and Appearance: golden with small bubbles, very mild floral and grapefruit aroma and a nice foamy head that fades away

Flavour: grapefruit hops, crisp with a bitter and dry finish, but not at all comparable to IPA kick from North Western IPA’s. In fairness it is described as a English Style IPA, but even there I think it falls a bit short. The flavour does tend to linger and leave an aftertaste that does make you want a bit more due to the bitter, dry finish. To be honest, I’d say it is more like a pale ale than an IPA.

Overall: for a cheap beer it is decent and may appeal to the traditional British IPA fans.

Rating: I would rate about 5/10 for a “craft” beer as in average, only because the price is so low.

Bowen Island Artisan IPA

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