Craft Beer Review – Half Pints Brewing Stir Stick Stout

Half Pints Stir Stick Stout FRESH

Half Pints Brewing – Stir Stick Stout – Described as a Coffee Infused stout from Winnipeg, MB, this updated review of the 5% abv and 35 IBU bottle of beer was poured into the same snifter glass and enjoyed at home.

Aroma and Appearance: This beer pours a coffee like dark brown colour with hardly any foam, and some small surface bubbles. The aroma was chocolate, dark roasted coffee, and highly toasted bread.

Flavour: A nice smooth, coffee flavoured malt much like a cold brew coffee, an earthy and nutty middle that is followed by a dry, bitter dark chocolate finish.

Overall Impression: Seriously tastes a lot like a cold summer coffee beverage with a decent dry finish that leaves you wanting more. The fresher bottle made me want to buy more in the future.

Rating: New bottle is 8/10, fresh makes a big difference here and if you like coffee stouts be sure to pick this up. My not so fresh bottle was rated about 6/10 partly because someone had poorly wax sealed the bottles in the LRS. If you see a poorly wax sealed 12 oz bottle, steer away from it.

Food Pairing: This would pair well with anything that goes with coffee like biscotti, biscuits, coffee cake, etc.

5 thoughts on “Craft Beer Review – Half Pints Brewing Stir Stick Stout

    • 64th and Scott Private LRS has them in singles (and still do), unknown who waxed it but they are selling them like that so either the importer or producer I guess.

      • Ah ok. That should not even be sold here. Nicole of Half Pints is actually pissed it is in stores in BC as it is not supposed to be. She has no way to ensure the beer is being sold at the correct pace. That bottle is probably quite old. It is also not a beer made to be aged.

      • Interesting, some drama in that glass bottle. Couldn’t find a bottle code or date on it, mind you I tossed the cap out already. If I see a fresher one I’ll pick up and give it another try.

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