Import Craft Beers – Mill Street Brewery Organic Lager

Mill Street Organic Lager

Beer 5 from Mill Street’s Seasonal 6 pack sampler is Mill Street Brewery’s Organic Lager (a mere 4.2% alc, poured at home from a bottle)

Aroma and Appearance: Very soft grassy aromas, with an apple/pear like note. Pours a pale golden yellow, with a quickly dissipating 1 inch head of foam and a whole lot of bubble action in the glass.

Flavour: Smooth, creamy and some sweet grassy hop notes. Not much going on here, but for what it offers it does it well.

Overall Impression: I find lagers to be overall pretty boring and this one doesn’t shy from that trend, however for the style it delivers nicely. You could drink this all day no problem and it would be perfect on the beach or at a afternoon picnic. Watch out for clear bottles in the fridge though, they can skunk quickly. This is something you drink if you are planning on drinking a lot, it is very, very refreshing and way better than most commercial lagers out there.

Rating: I would rate about 5/10 for a craft beer as in average, but for style I would rate it 8/10. It is very refreshing and easy to session due to it’s low alcohol content.

Food Pairing: You could pair this with anything really, it won’t get in the way. I suggest pub food!

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