Things to do – A quick taster tray at Rogue Wetbar

Rogue Wetbar Sampler

It’s nice to had a place you can drop in, sample some beer and still be home on time for dinner – travel via transit of course, would not recommend driving immediately after even a pint of craft beer. Rogue Wetbar offers these sampler trays for a $7.99 which I think is a reasonable price for 5 x 4oz sampler glasses ($10-$12 depending how good of a tipper you are). I had 5 samples of beers I was interested in, but had not yet tried so this was great!

Beers from LEFT to RIGHT are: Driftwood – White Bark, Dieu de Ciel – Rosse Hibiscus, Bomber – ESB, Howe Sound – Cloudburst, & Howe Sound Nut Brown

All were quite good, the Dieu de Ciel – Hibiscus was probably the most interesting, Bomber ESB and Howe Sound were nice, Howe Sound Cloudburst was excellent and I thought Driftwood White Bark was kind of underwhelming, but still very drinkable.

If you are in the area and want to sample beer, this is great and they have about 20 rotating taps to choose from. Also, Steamworks is a hop, skip and a jump away so there is more beer nearby as well as lots of great places in Gastown.

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