Traquair Jacobite Ale

Traquair Jacobite AleTraquair Jacobite Ale:  Brewed in Scotland, this brewery has an interesting history and was dormant for some 200 years until it was resurrected and started produce again. I had no idea what to  expect, but I poured this 8% alcohol spiced ale into a beer glass and sipped it last night. With a best before date of 2022, I figured this was going to be a treat.

Aroma and Appearance: It pours a reddish brown, appearing brown in the glass with a good inch of foam, minimal carbonation and an aroma that consisted of dark fruit, heavy sweet malt, candied sugar, and eventually vanilla and caramel as it warmed a bit.

Flavour: Lots of sweet malt and dark fruits up front (plums and cherries) with spices and a boozy smoothness. As it opened up more, an earthy amaretto nuttiness came out as well as a port like flavour follwed by a chocolate and vanilla finish. Lots going on here, but works well.

Overall Impression: I had no expectations here, had never heard of this one and I am super glad I bought two. It was really good stuff, quite a surprise honestly and a good experience beer as it changed. Next time I will allow it to warm slightly before consuming as I think the ideal serving temperature would be in the low 60’s.

Rating: I give it a 9/10 as in awesome due to the complexity of the beer and the balanced, yet noticeable flavour. I sometimes have trouble with sweet malt, yet this had enough other stuff going on to balance it out perfectly.

Food Pairing: Like a good port, this would pair well with dark chocolate or a fruity Stilton.

Curious what anyone else thought of this one?


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