A home brew on the patio

Homebrew smoked the swedes

One thing I love the most about beer is that overall, it is pretty easy to make decent stuff at home with a very small investment and a little bit of time, effort and patience. This particular beauty I brewed on the day Canada beat Sweden for the Gold Medal in Olympic Hockey, it is a smoked wheat beer (hence the name “We Smoked the Swede’s”) and I got to enjoy it on my patio tonight while the sun was going down. As you can see, the carbonation resembles a german hefeweizen and the some good but not overpowering smokey flavour rounds it out nicely.

After reviewing lots of craft beers I can say that a lot of home brewed beers really do hold their own against the market. I brew small 2 gallon all grain batches, primarily recipes from Brooklyn Brew Shop which is a great starter if you want to make real beer, properly, but don’t want to spend $1000 on equipment. I have upgraded a few things since starting with these, but at a low cost and it doesn’t take up a lot of room. I certainly like it and will continue to make more beer throughout the year. This particular one was my 7th batch of beer so I am getting better and better each round.

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