Craft Beer Pairings – Lindemans Framboise Lambic & Vanilla Ice Cream

Lindemans Framboise Beer Pairing

One of the things I learned more about in my Prud’homme Level 1 Beer Enthusiast Certification was how to better pair craft beers with food. I’ve done some experimentation since and thought I would start sharing some of the best ones.

Craft Beer – Lindemans Framboise Lambic, which is a Belgian Lambic Beer that is first spontaneously fermented, then the fruit is added to the beer and it goes through a secondary fermentation. The overall process can take up to two years, so in case you are wondering about that price on the bottle this is likely why. The alcohol content is only 2.5%, so the alcohol is a small element in this otherwise unique and pleasant fruit beer.

Ice Cream – Breyers Natural Vanilla Ice Cream, simple and won’t break your wallet. However, probably even better with some nice locally made ice cream.

How does it taste – Honestly, this was amazing! The raspberry in the Lambic tastes like a very natural raspberry sauce with a delightful tart and sweetness that brings out the creaminess in the ice cream and combines into a velvety cold flavour blast. I poured it over the ice cream, however you could make this into a float easily and it would work or simple pair together at the same time while eating and drinking separately.

Alternate Pairings – This is a dessert pairing and a high quality plain cheesecake is even better than ice cream as a food pairing for this Lambic, but basically and creamy sweet vanilla or even chocolate dessert that you would want raspberry coulis on would work better with a Framboise Lambic in my opinion.


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