Weekly Mash – July 14th, 2014

Wow a week went by really fast and it was sweltering here in Vancouver (and still is), we actually dragged out the portable AC, but hey its not raining so I am happy. We had some fun attending Family Movie Night in Queens Park, New Westminster and saw Frozen for what seems like the ten thousandth time yet I still love it and the kids do too. At one point, I think all 1000 people there were singing “Let it go” at the top of their lungs so that was quite fun. We also bought a new kids pool and over the weekend basically stayed outside in the shade for most of the days while the kids played in the new pool, while prior to I had the privilege of visiting Steel & Oak to sample their beer which was great.

My Favourite Craft Beer’s from Last Week:

21st Amendment Lower De Boom Barleywine Firehall Brewery - Stoked Ember Ale

Weekly Craft Beer Review Recap:

  • Click here to see the best of my week’s reviews via Storify, or simply scroll down from this post.

Interesting Craft Beer Links Around the World:

  • Have you checked your glassware lately? Looks like Spiegelau (as in Reidel) is really getting into the beer glass game with both an IPA and a new Stout Glass. All of us beer geeks are currently adding this to our Christmas wish list!
  • Sam Adams founder Jim Koch really gets it and supports the heck out of the craft beer industry, read this article (Why Sam Adams Supports Its Competitors) to see how he helps out the little guys down south. Next time you are out at your LRS, pick up a 6 pack to say thanks!

Interesting Craft Beer Links BC and Vancouver:

  • In the world of beer, the latest hop shortage has everyone talking, listen to Ken Beattie (BC Craft Brewers Guild Executive Director) discuss it on the radio here.
  • Looking for a local #summerbeer, Beer Me BC has a list of The Best Craft Beer for Your British Columbia Summer, I don’t love summer beers per say but the list has some good one’s I have rated high on it so be sure to take a look.

Adventure of the Week:

Family Movie Night in Queens Park, Steel & Oak and Kids Pool!



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