Craft Beer Review – Full Sail Brewing Session Premium Lager

Full Sail Session Lager

Full Sail Brewing – Session Premium Lager:  Brewed in Hood River, OR this so called “session” beer is really just beer as it is brewed at a strength of 5.1% although it does come in an 11 oz stubby bottle so perhaps that is the session part, who knows? Either way, it is a multiple medal winner (15 medals) and deserved to be picked up and opened – be sure to try the Black Session Lager which is in the amazeballs level of goodness.

Aroma and Appearance: Like any good lager it is the colour of clear honey with a bubbly middle and a thin layer of foam. The aroma is grains and hay with a bit of hops spice and sweet honey.

Flavour: Refreshing with some sweet honey bread malts (think honey multi-grain bread)  with some mild spicy hops notes a crisp mouth feel and finish that has some light noticeable bitterness.

Overall Impression: All round quality basic lager, well executed to style and refreshing.

Rating: I give it a very good rating of 7/10, it wins its category for a reason.

Food Pairing: Fish and Chips, cut into the salt and fattiness with a crisp lager to clean your palate and experience all the flavours with every bit.

What to you is an acceptable abv for a “session” beer – for me about 4% is the cutoff, 4.2% is a stretch but I’ll take it.


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