Big Ridge Brewing – Casks of March

Casks of March event at Big Ridge Brewery: Featuring 7 different casks from 7 unique breweries this even was held in the Surrey, BC Big Ridge Brewery Location. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but with no cover charge and 7 sampler tickets for $13 I was certainly interested in attending this event, and well I have to say it delivered nicely. When I entered the bar, I was greeted by the ticket seller who gladly sold be a row of 7 tickets while my party found a table to sit at which was nice as often these events are standing room only.

I really enjoyed this smaller event that was co sponsored by the South Fraser Beer Club and would gladly attend another. It’s nice to go out mid afternoon and sample some beer, without having to end your night. I enjoyed just tasting the beer and the fun atmosphere of the pub as well as the food. We sampled all the casks and even tried a Big Ridge Sampler Tray for an extra $8. For food, I recommend trying the Fried Pickles, even as a non pickle fan I liked them a lot. Powell Street Old Jalopy was a clear standout in terms of quality as was the Lemon Ginger Honey Blonde Ale, however all of the beer was pretty good. Casks featured and sampled at this event are below.

Red Truck Ale with Simcoe, Centennial, Columbus and Glacier

Big Ridge Casks Red Truck Ale

Brewhouse Lemon Ginger Honey Blonde Ale

Big Ridge Casks Brewhouse

Powell St Old Jalopy Pale Ale with Willamette and Cascade

Big Ridge Casks Powell Street Old Jalopy

Bomber Brewing Shut Out Stout

Big Ridge Casks Bomber Brewing All Out Stout

Yaletown Brewing Company Brick and Beam IPA with Columbus and Cascade

Big Ridge Casks Yaletown Brick And Beam IPA

Surlie Brewing Belgian Dark Ale

Big Ridge Casks Surlie Belgian Dark Ale

Big Ridge Brewing Jameson Red Ale

Big Ridge Casks Big Ridge Jameson Red

Big Ridge Sampler Tray of their Taps

Big Ridge Casks of March Sampler

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