Craft Beer Review – Whistler Brewing Black Tusk Ale

Whistler Black Tusk AleWhistler Brewing – Black Tusk Ale: This limited edition “Ale” is brewed by Whistler Brewing (pretty sure it’s more of a stout than a mild ale) at a strength of 5% and was poured into a 22 oz beer glass at home.

Aroma and Appearance: Pours a very dark amber colour that appears black in the glass with 3 fingers of foam, some small bubbles near the surface and an aroma of smoke, coffee beans, dark fruit and toasted almost burnt marshmallow.

Flavour: I get super dark roasted coffee notes with cherry, burnt toasty malt, s’mores, and some blackberry while the finish is quite fry, the mouth feel is a bit creamy.

Overall Impression: This basically screams stout to me (which technically is still an ale) and was pretty good in my opinion, combining some interesting flavours that reminded me of Kamloops Brewing’s Black Bear Ale and Dark Matter by Hoyne.

Rating: I give it a 7/10 (very good) rating, I was close to rating higher, but didn’t find myself craving this anytime soon despite it being quite good. Either way be sure to try this one before it disappears.

Food Pairing: The brewery suggest chocolate desserts and I agree, in fact chocolate dipped biscotti would be perfect.

I noticed after writing my review that the internet world seems to hate on this beer a lot, I don’t get it to be honest. Similar to Dark Matter, it has a lighter mouth feel than expected that I think throws people off and the flavours are a bit more subtle, but that isn’t always a bad thing and it works well for this one in my opinion.




3 thoughts on “Craft Beer Review – Whistler Brewing Black Tusk Ale

  1. That is why I never really look at what others think when tasting a beer. I don’t want to be biased at all. I only check reviews of very expensive bottles if I am not sure of the purchase.

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