Craft Beer Review – Evil Twin Bikini Beer


Evil Twin Bikini Beer

Evil Twin – Bikini Beer:  Brewed somewhere by Evil Twin Brewing, this light IPA beer comes in a a measly 2.7% alcohol and was poured into a nonic glass while visiting Portland.

Aroma and Appearance: Pours a golden yellow with some sporadic bubble action and a quickly dissipating  2 fingers worth of foam. The aroma is muted lemon and grapefruit citrus.

Flavour: It starts with a very light watery mouth feel and hits you with a bit of watered down grapefruit juice, lemon and a kind of bitter finish.

Overall Impression: I don’t really like many session beers, mostly because they miss the malt characters and for this one I find the lack of malt disturbing. I knew this was a light beer when I bought it, however nowhere on the can does it say light, session or anything to indicate it’s not a regular IPA. The ABV is posted to the right, it’s kind of hidden a little bit so that could confuse some people.

Rating: I give it a 3/10, not very good. I kept being reminded of watered down grapefruit juice to the point where I almost tossed it.

Food Pairing: Have a sip, if you like it drink and pair with chips and spicy salsa, if not use it as a marinade for chicken.

My suggestion is if you want a session beer is to skip this one and go with Central City’s Session IPA, it offers a lot more in terms of flavour.

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