BC Craft Beer Review – Bomber Brewing IPA

Bomber Brewing IPABomber Brewing – IPA: Is a craft beer brewed in Vancouver, Canada (it’s a Canadian thing) brewed at a strength of 6.3% and was poured from a can into a beer glass at home. I had bought a mixer 12 pack of these for Canada Day and reserved one of each for review at a later time.

Aroma and Appearance: It pours a cloudy copper and while bubbly, it has minimal foam and some suspended gunk. The aroma was fruity hops, mostly tangerine and mango with a bit of woodsy pine.

Flavour: It has tangerine, some sweet malt and a pine resin finish that isn’t overly bitter however it just feels like it is missing something.

Overall Impression: It is a very basic IPA, when compared to everything else out there I can’t say a lot of great things.

Rating: I give it an average rating of 5/10, it’s certainly drinkable but there is much better out there.

Food Pairing: This would go well with some spicy peanuts at a pub.

What is your favourite by Bomber Brewing?


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