BC Craft Beer Review – Bomber Brewing ESB

Bomber Brewing ESBBomber Brewing – ESB: Is a craft beer brewed in Vancouver, Canada (it’s a Canadian thing) brewed at a strength of 5.2% and was poured from a can into a beer glass at home. I had bought a mixer 12 pack of these for Canada Day and reserved one of each for review at a later time.

Aroma and Appearance: It pours a clear dark copper with carbonation in the middle of the glass and 1 finger of foam. The aroma is toffee and pine with a hint of sweet caramel.

Flavour: It starts really nice with toffee, dark fruit however quickly tastes watery in the middle and finishes with a good resinous earthy bitterness.

Overall Impression: It has potential, but the watery middle is a bit of a turn off.

Rating: I give it an average rating of 5/10, still drinkable with some nice flavours in there (especially the toffee), but otherwise I can’t rate it higher.

Food Pairing: This is a basic pub guzzler, pair with chicken strips or any standard pub food.

This was my second of three reviews of Bomber Brewing’s 12 pack, so far I am not overly excited by it.


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