Import Craft Beers – Caldera IPA

Caldera IPA

From Ashland, OR comes Caldera Brewing’s IPA (6.1% alc poured at home from a can)

Aroma and Appearance: This beer has a really pleasant tangerine, caramel and tropical aroma that makes you want to smell it all the time. It pours a medium honey colour with a bit of haze, lots of foam and quick rising bubbles.

Flavour: Lots of orange and tangerine up front, with a rather creamy mouth feel and some bitterness towards the end and an array of fruitiness throughout.

Overall Impression: This was an IPA my wife liked, probably because of the tropical fruitiness and honestly I liked it a lot too. It is unbelievably refreshing for an IPA.

Rating: I give it a solid 8/10 (excellent). Easy to drink, interesting enough to earn a good rating and it isn’t going to ruin your palette. You could drink a lot of these in one day, would make a nice camping companion or barbecuing friend.

Food Pairing: I’d go with fish tacos, it feels tropical enough for fish tacos.

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