BC Craft Beer Review – Four Winds Vexillum Imperial IPA

Four Winds Vexillum DIPA

Four Winds Vexillum Imperial IPA: Brewed in Delta, BC to a strength of 9% abv and 100 IBU’s, I managed to buy this directly at the brewery and consume it on its first day of release so this was about as fresh as it gets beyond drinking it straight from the tank.

Aroma and Appearance: It pours a slightly cloudy golden colour with two fingers of think white foam and some mesmerizingly slow rising bubbles. The aroma is a tropical fruit storm full of melons, peaches, passion fruit, grapefruit, tangerine and dragon fruit.

Flavour: Very fruity from the beginning, featuring melon, passion fruit, tangerine and hints of lychee up front. The malts shine in the middle as the caramel sneaks up on top of some biscuits mixed in with some tropical blend fruit juice which immediately moves into bitter pine resin, peach skin and a lingering grapefruit flavour on the aftertaste.

Overall Impression: Very fruity, reasonably balanced with a nice kick to it. I found the  flavour profile to be similar to Deschutes Chasin Freshies which is a very good thing because that beer is equally awesome.

Rating: I give it an awesome rating of 9/10, it’s got pretty much everything going right here for the style.

Food Pairing: I like my Imperial IPA’s with steaks or other grilled meats, I think a blue cheese filet would work wonders here.

Here’s the teaser they sent out on Instagram, you can see by the amount of likes and the commentary that people were excited for this (and justifiably so!).



4 thoughts on “BC Craft Beer Review – Four Winds Vexillum Imperial IPA

  1. Me too, even if they changed it up slightly for each batch I thought they delivered quite nicely. The only year round DIPA I can think of locally is Central City’s which is quite nice, but this was better!

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