Craft Beer Cocktail – Belgian Blonde POG-mosa

Belgian Blonde Pogmosa

Belgian Blonde POG-mosa: The following beer cocktail is inspired by a traditional mimosa, however the champagne is replaced with beer and the typical orange juice mixer has been swapped out for some tropical Hawaiian style POG juice (Pineapple, Orange, Guava) for added flavour. The key to making this a good beer cocktail is to find a very effervescent beer that won’t overwhelm the juice, but will add some nice yeast esters and imitate the bubbly champagne texture found in a normal mimosa. I chose a Belgian Blonde Ale by Dageraad brewing, one of the best to-style Blonde Ales that I have had and it worked just perfectly for this beer cocktail.

Flavour: Similar to a mimosa, this drink has a very light fluffy texture brought on by the bubbly beer which is quite palate pleasing and satisfying. As the bubbles subside, subtle notes of tropical pineapple and guava appear up front while hints of orange juice arise in the middle before being overtaken by the spicy yeast esters from the beer which shine through as coriander and clove, giving the drink a nice kick at the end of each swallow. I garnished this with a freshly cut pineapple slice which made for an excellent accompaniment to the beverage and some good eating afterwards!


  • 1/2 glass Belgian Blonde Ale or other effervescent beer
  • 1/2 glass POG Juice (or Orange Juice for a plain beermosa)
  • Garnish with and fresh pineapple slice

I used store bough POG juice as I think this would be a little tricky to make on your own, but a quick google search and a bit of effort could prove me wrong on this one so feel free to experiment on your own. In making this, I tried different mixes of juice and beer until I found that a 50/50 mix of beer to juice was the right blend to get both flavours evenly repesented in the beverage. Finally, other Belgian Golden Ales or Blonde Ales will work well for this beer cocktail. I’ve been making different versions of Beermosa’s for a while and anything with a decent effervescence and lots of clove spice works great. Still, if you are in BC go with the Dageraad one, in fact buy a few and drink those one their own too!

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