BC Craft Beer Review – Dageraad Wet Hopped Blonde Ale

Dageraad Blonde Wet Hopped Version

Dageraad – Wet Hopped Blonde Ale: Is a Fresh Hopped Belgian Blonde Ale that is brewed in Burnaby, BC at a strength of 7.5% abv and some local Centennial hops. I had been eagerly awaiting this re-fermented bottle and it was something I was super glad to find at a private store recently. Word is the brewer slept overnight in his brewery to make this, that’s a true sign of passion and dedication so lets see how it paid off.

Aroma and Appearance: It pours a cloudy golden blonde with a two fingers of of foam with some bubbly carbonation in the glass. The aroma is spicy cloves a bit of lemon citrus and an overall floral character that is very pungent with some zesty yeast pepper spice.

Flavour: The flavour is intense, more intense than the regular blonde with spicy clove and hay malts up front with a peppery middle and a lighter fluffy mouth feel from the carbonation. It has an intensified bitter floral spicy finish with a lemon aftertaste that lingers.

Overall Impression: Although similar to the regular version, comparing my tasting notes I noticed the intensity of the flavour was kicked up a notch with the fresh hops and the floral notes were amazing.

Rating: I give it an awesome rating of 9/10, even better than the year round version and one I plan on buying more of if I can find it.

Food Pairing: Keep the fresh hops without food to enjoy their subtleties however you could go with some soft brie like cheese here and it wouldn’t hurt.

Here’s a little video of the Dageraadplats linked from Dageraad’s website looks like a fun place. Be sure to read the story on this brewery, I really enjoy the approach they took.



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