Craft Beer Review – Silver City Brewery Citra Wet Hop Pale Ale

Silver City Brewery Citra Wet Hop Ale

Silver City Brewery Citra Wet Hop Pale Ale: Brewed in Bremerton, WA at a strength of 6.1% with 21 IBUs this fresh hop craft beer features Citra hops in their un-kilned cone form. This was it’s first release by this brewery, it only has one rating on so I was excited to try something completely new!

Aroma and Appearance: This pours a clear light copper colour with two fingers of white foam and some sporadic bubbles. The aroma is lemon, mild floral hops with berry tang and some doughy malt with unexpected lychee at the end.

Flavour: The end of the aroma leads right into a strong lychee flavour at the beginning, this is very hop forward with goose berries, bitter citrus fruits, extra lemon and sweet crisp honey on the finish.

Overall Impression: I liked this one a lot, I thought it brought out new flavours I have never detected in this hop before so that was a neat experience.

Rating: I give it an excellent rating of 8/10, just an overall good quality beer that is unique to the market.

Food Pairing: Keep it clean and enjoy the fresh hops.

If you have never heard of this place or want to know more, this video covers off some information about their tap room, restaurant and beer.


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