BC Craft Beer Review – Dageraad 10° Belgian Quadrupel

Dageraad 10

Dageraad 10° Belgian Quadrupel: Is the first Quadrupel release from Burnaby, BC based Belgian style brewer Dageraad, which comes in at a strength of 10% abv and is brewed with unrefined sugar to fruit up the fermentation. This beer is can be aged or enjoyed now, per the bottle it’s good for at least three years but could likely go for longer.

Aroma and Appearance: It pours a cloudy light brown colour with a bit of centered carbonation and virtually no foam. The aroma is plums, prunes and dates with some teasing brown sugar and licorice root.

Flavour: Up front is a very well balance mix of plums, dried figs and tasty toffee malts with a middle that consists of sweetbread and a generally malt forward sweetness enhanced by the residual sugars. It finishes with a bit of clove spice and a floral overtone, revealing more notes of black licorice and plums on the aftertaste.

Overall Impression: I found it to be more of an amped up version of their Belgian Amber Ale, quite well balanced and easy drinking with a very pleasant malt and fruit combo. The booze is well hidden in this one too, so watch out!

Rating: I give it an excellent rating of 8/10, good for drinking now however I’d like to try it in 3 years to bring out some new flavours in there.

Food Pairing: Prosciutto, dates and goat cheese all wrapped together, or something along those likes that has a sweet and salty component which would bring out even more fruit in this beer.

Here’s their beer truck loaded with a bunch of cases, which is how most smaller brewers “distribute” their beer here. Be sure to follow their twitter account if you want to stay in the know about their small releases, which tend to go pretty fast.


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