Craft Beer Review – Long Trail Brewing Space Juice Double IPA

Long Train Brewing Space Juice

Long Trail Brewing Space Juice Double IPA: Brewed in Vermont, this intergalactic inspired beer is made to an Imperial strength of 8.7% abv with 82 IBUs with of Galaxy, Mosiac, Citra, Ella and Columbus Hops. If you are looking for a beer to pair with the new Star Wars movie, this is a great choice!

Aroma and Appearance: The beer pours a cloudy copper colour with one finger of foam and a medium level of carbonation. The aroma consists of bread dough, caramel, passion fruit and a mega citrus blast of tangerine, grapefruit and oranges.

Flavour: Up front Space Juice showcases a big sweet doughy malt with nuances of caramel and tangerine citrus before transitioning into a juicy middle loaded with passion fruits, goose berries and tropical melons. Once the juice flavours tone down it recovers with a perfectly dry resinous grapefruit bitter finish that lingers with notes of pine and lemon on the aftertaste.

Overall Impression: This has pretty much everything I look for in a DIPA, big doughy malts, citrus juice and a dry bitter finish.

Rating: I give it an awesome rating of 9/10, a beer worthy of its name.

Food Pairing: A teriyaki chicken or hamburger topped with some tropical salsa and bacon would be a delightful pairing here.

Here’s a product shot from their Facebook page that shows the other side of the can, which is a pretty damn cool looking label in my opinion!

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