Craft Beer Review – Evil Twin Disco Beer

Evil Twin Disco Beer

Evil Twin Disco Beer:  Brewed in Holland by this gypsy brewer, this Imperial IPA comes in at a strength of 10.5% and was aged in white wine Chardonnay barrels according to the label and was enjoyed at home last night.

Aroma and Appearance: It has a monster head (that stays forever, so pour carefully) and is loaded with lots of tiny bubbles and a hazy coppery colour. The aroma is grapefruit and orange, very bready malt and some caramels.

Flavour: It has a real bready malt profile and it really warms your stomach with some good citrus flavour, a bit of spice and a dry chardonnay like finish (hardly comes through, but it is there)

Overall Impression: This will warm you up nicely on a cold day and because it pack a punch it may turn your uncoordinated self into a full blown Tony Manero (or at least that’s what you think you look like out there). Another good DIPA, can’t say the wine barrels did much for it, however they added something on the finish that was good.

Rating: I give it a 8/10 overall excellent rating, some slightly better Imperial IPA’s out there however this one is also up there with some subtle differences.

Food Pairing: a disco ball, a diner burger and some tight bellbottom pants

Have you tried this and did you notice anything from the wine barrel aging?


3 thoughts on “Craft Beer Review – Evil Twin Disco Beer

  1. If you want a big difference from the wine barrels try and find the red cap version of this beer. It is aged in red Chardonnay barrels and tastes almost like a Barleywine. Huge difference from just the barrel.

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