Craft Beer Review – Goose Island The Illinois Imperial IPA

Goose Island The Illinois Imperial IPA

Goose Island – The Illinois Imperial IPA:  Brewed in Chicago, IL at strength of 9% abv with 95 IBU’s, this Imperial IPA was poured into a Goose Island nonic glass and enjoyed recently while vacationing in Portland. 

Aroma and Appearance: It a clear copper with lots of bubbles and two fingers of foam. The aroma s tropical fruit with mild mango and tangerine citrus.

Flavour: Overall very balanced with a sticky mouth feel, some doughy malt, lots of fruit, orange and caramels and a soft grapefruit bitter finish.

Overall Impression: Given it has 95 IBU’s I was expecting more of a hop kick and bitterness, this is where IBU’s often lie to us as you would expect this to be super bitter. Rather, it is a well balanced beer that hides the alcohol well and goes down easy – it reminds me of Fat Tug to be honest (wide appeal, balanced, but not amazing).

Rating: I give it a 7/10 (very good), its a good beer and I would recommend it to anyone, l still prefer my DIPA’s to have a bit more of a malt character to them but that’s just me.

Food Pairing: I think a Teriyaki Pineapple burger would be a neat pairing with the tropical flavour of this beer.



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