Why I Recently Drank A Molson Old Style Pilsner – A Toast Towards Heaven

Pilsner 2014

It’s been an entire year since this happened and today I crushed another Old Style Pilsner in honour of my brother in law, casting another toast to the towards heaven. Today will always be a tough day for us and I intend to carry on this tradition for as long as I can, with this beer in my hand and a soft tear in my eye. We still miss you Brent, I hope this toast makes it to you up there. Below I get a little personal, which is account of what occurred exactly a year ago to a good friend and brother in law and what he meant to us. I still remember writing this, it’s hard to reflect like this but at the same time it also helped me deal with it in my own way.

I have to admit it has been a very, very rough week for us and our family, one of those weeks where you realize the true priorities in life the hard way. You see this past weekend we lost someone special to us, my brother in law Brent who tragically died two weeks before his wedding. We have all gone from the joy and excitement of planning a wedding to the sadness and tragedy of planning a funeral. Needless to say it has been a really, really shitty week for everyone involved and we have all been going through a range of emotions and a lot of sadness which leads to why I am drinking a Pilsner on my patio and also why I haven’t been able to write an update for over a week on this blog.

Brent was my wife’s brother and I have known him for over 15 years. I saw him grow from the teenager who fought with his sister to a wonderful adult who loved my wife as a true brother would, an awesome uncle to my kids and good friend who loved to camp with us and spend time with our family and a fiance to a wonderful person who was ready and looking forward to spending her life with him. He was a great guy who had lot of friends, he always worked hard at things and got along well with everyone. I have many fond memories including some trips to Vegas (including our own Wedding), many family games of Rumoli, camping at Porteau Cove, staying with you in Whistler and Victoria, lots of Christmas mornings, Birthdays, and many family dinners that will never quite be the same without him. Brent always knew how to make people laugh, smile and of course was one of those people who we welcome over to our house any time. I’ll never forget the sparkle in his eyes and face when he first met our daughter and son, he adored them and they will never forget their Uncle Brent who they loved and looked up to.

I am toasting towards heaven with his favourite beer which was Pilsner, drinking it in the last place we saw him when he visited a week before he passed away. Now about the beer itself, it’s certainly not the best tasting beer out there by a landslide, however it’s an easily sessionable beer that can be consumed straight from the can and goes down easy on a hot day. Apparently he would never drink this in front of me, knowing how much of a craft beer fan I was he thought I would make fun him. He was right, I probably would have kidded around a little about it, but would still have gladly had one with him at any time. I didn’t even know this until a few days ago and only found out after I said I wanted to write something up for him as he always drank Kokanee in front of me and never complained about whatever crazy craft beer I was serving. So with this final word and toast I will repeat every year, cheers to your short 30 years on this planet Brent we miss you and love you always – I hope on the other side you can sit there with a Pilsner and send a cheers back every year!

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