Craft Beer Review – Spoetzl Brewery Shiner Holiday Cheer

Spoetzl Shiner Holiday Cheer

Spoetzl Shiner Holiday Cheer: Day 13 of my Advent Calendar exchange with my father, featuring a Dunkleweizen from Shiner, Texas brewed with peaches and roasted pecans at a strength of 5.4% abv. This is a pretty festive looking beer, perfect for a Christmas Advent Calendar!

Aroma and Appearance: This pours a dark clear red-brown amber colour with a bit of foam and some small side bubbles. The aroma is all peaches, toffee and raisins.

Flavour: You can taste the peaches and pecans up front quite easily with some boozy cherries and dates in the middle and a rum soaked fruitcake like finish (think liqueur).

Overall Impression: It reminded me of a brandy to be honest, it has a liqueur like booziness to it.

Rating: Decent at 6.5/10, I think this would be even better it they backed away from things like caramel colour in the ingredients.

Food Pairing: Would match up nicely with a slice or two of Stollen loaf.

They have a pretty neat “Van Series” related to promotion for underground and progressive musicians at the FunFunFun Fest in Austin, TX

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