BC Craft Beer Review – Russell Brewing Hop Therapy Double IPA

Russell Brewing - Hop TherapyRussell Brewing – Hop Therapy Double IPA: Is a local Surrey Imperial IPA that is brewed at a strength of 9% abv and 100 IBU’s which was enjoyed the other night from a bottle poured into a 22 oz beer glass.

Aroma and Appearance: It pours a clear copper with two fingers of lacy foam and some teeny tiny bubbles were seen in the glass. The aroma is might strong and can be quaffed from 2 feet away, it is mostly mango and tangerine with a bit of bread in there.

Flavour: This beer has some nice chewy and sticky malt up front, some herbs and lots of juicy orange and mango in the middle and surprisingly mild bitter finish that lingers forever with dryness and bits of pine.

Overall Impression: Delicious and quite refreshing, this is more of a juicy hoppy balanced DIPA than a bitter storm one so a lot of fry hopping and late addition hops must have been used. IBU’s are pretty deceiving at times, a bitterness scale would be more useful however hops have a lot of antioxidants so I like the IBU’s listed as well.

Rating: I give it an excellent rating of 8/10, I regularly buy this one as it’s one of my favourite local beers.

Food Pairing: Local butter chicken would be a perfect food and beer coma inducing pairing.

Between Central City and Russell Imperial IPA offerings you really don’t need a lot of other offerings, but they are still fun to try and compare against these two stars.



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