Craft Beer Review – Brower Witnica Black Boss Porter (Aged 1 Year)

Brower Witnica Black Boss Porter

Brower Witnica Black Boss Porter: Day 15 of my Advent Calendar exchange with my father, featuring a Polish 9.4% abv Baltic Porter (which is typically bottom fermented and lagered). This bottle has been cellared for one year and since I have never had a craft beer from Poland before (and this style is apparently a popular brew in this country) I was excited to try it.

Aroma and Appearance: It pours a dark mahogany colour with one finger of foam and a medium level of carbonation. It’s aroma is smoke, dark whole wheat bread, chocolate and medium roast coffee.

Flavour: A lot of smokey chocolate up front followed by a creamy textured coffee middle and it finishes with crispy and sweet.

Overall Impression: Pretty interesting, reminded me of a milk stout without the lactose flavour. This was also quite mellow and balanced from the aging so it was super easy to drink.

Rating: Very good at 7.5/10, I could go for a bit more complexity but it was a pleasure to drink nonetheless.

Food Pairing: I’d suggest straight up chocolate chip cookies with this one as it would be a simple but effective beer and food pairing.

This place was founded over 165 years ago, you can read about their history here as it seems they’ve gone through a lot of change over the years (you’ll need to use google translate, unless you can read German or Polish). For a taste of what they offer and what the brewery looks like, here’s a short picture tour of the brewery itself.

One thought on “Craft Beer Review – Brower Witnica Black Boss Porter (Aged 1 Year)

  1. I love seeing these beer from less known craft beer regions showing up in Vancouver. I recently tried an Israeli craft beer and have seen beer from Spain and Mexico arrive in Stores to name a few places. It sure adds to the great beer culture already here!

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