13 Days of Beer Camp Day Across America Day #9 – Myron’s Walk

Beer Camp Day 9

Sierra Nevada/Allagash – Beer Camp Across America Myron’s Walk: A collaboration with Allagash who is located in the “other” Portland (Maine) this the other Belgian Style beer in the beer camp box brewed at a strength of 5.3% with 38 IBUs featuring Citra and Mosaic hops and Allagash’s house Belgian yeast.

Aroma and Appearance: This pours a clear golden yellow with a small layer of white foam and a medium level of carbonation. The aroma is stone fruit, peach, tangerine and an overall floral smell.

Flavour: It starts off fruity with fresh woodsy pine, some lemon citrus in the middle and it finishes with a herbal bitterness that leaves a coriander like aftertaste.

Overall Impression: It had all the makings of a great beer, but wasn’t as they flavours fought with each other too much.

Rating: Not Very Good at 4/10, too much going on in too many different directions.

Food Pairing: Belgian waffles with peaches on them to bring out the Mosaic a little more.


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