13 Days of Beer Camp Day Across America Day #8 – Torpedo Pilsner

Beer Camp Day 8

Sierra Nevada/Firestone Walker – Beer Camp Across America Torpedo Pilsner: A collaboration with Firestone Walker this is a hopped up Pilsner via the Sierra Nevada Hop Torpedo brewed at a strength of 5.2% with 45 IBUs. I have had a good share of Firestone Walker beers in the recent future, they are all quite good.

Aroma and Appearance: This pours a clear yellow with a small layer of white foam and surprisingly minimal carbonation. The aroma is crisp grainy hay, some mild lemon citrus and a hint of spice.

Flavour: Light hay malts upfront with herbs in the middle, hints of lemon with a crispy texture and a floral bitter finish.

Overall Impression: Good job making this style interesting.

Rating: Very good at 7/10, not a repeat for me but still nice to drink.

Food Pairing: Garlic herbed shrimp, wrapped in tinfoil and thrown on some coals to cook for a bit.


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