13 Days of Beer Camp Day Across America Day #3 – Tater Ridge

Beer Camp Day 3

Sierra Nevada/Asheville Brewers Alliance – Beer Camp Across America Tater Ridge: A collaboration with Asheville Brewers Alliance this Scotch Ale was brewed sweet potatoes at a strength of 7.0% abv and 35 IBUs, it is a pretty interesting idea to use sweet potatoes in there, likely part of the mash but perhaps more!

Aroma and Appearance: The beer pours with two fingers of tan foam, with a reddish brown colour and some small slow rising bubbles. The aroma is heavy with sweet earthy malt.

Flavour: This is a malty sweet beer that highlights the malted barley usually due to a higher mash temperature and longer boil, the sweet potato is there but you need to search for it, there is a rye like flavour, lots of earth and it finishes dry with molasses.

Overall Impression: Exciting, potatoes at a unique dry texture to beer and this one is no different.

Rating: It was excellent at 8/10, could definitely go for more of this one.

Food Pairing: This beer deserves a meaty pie to go with it.


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