13 Days of Beer Camp Day Across America Day #4 – Yvan the Great

Beer Camp Day 4

Sierra Nevada/Russian River – Beer Camp Across America Tater Ridge: A collaboration with Russian River Brewing this Belgian Style Blonde Ale was brewed at a strength of 6.3% abv and 50 IBUs. I have never had anything by Russian River before, not even a collaboration, so this was my first exposure to their beers that I really want to find more of in the future.

Aroma and Appearance: It pours a cloudy golden yellow with one small finger of foam and a lot of various size carbonation bubbles. The aroma is grainy with banana and clove.

Flavour: Starts off with a light grainy malt followed by more clove and banana, its refreshing and finishes with a herbal woodsy hop finish and a lingering clove spice aftertaste.

Overall Impression: Solid effort, nothing fancy but well executed – I personally prefer a bit more spice in my Belgian blonde ales.

Rating: It was very good at 7/10, easy enough to drink while showcasing a hint of complexity.

Food Pairing: A triple creme brie or other soft cheese on grainy crackers would pair nicely with this one.


4 thoughts on “13 Days of Beer Camp Day Across America Day #4 – Yvan the Great

  1. Russian River makes great beer. You can often find their sours at Elizabeth Station in Bellingham. Their Pliny The Elder is a tougher one to get a hold of as it rarely leaves California.

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