Craft Beer Review – Brouwerji De Block Satan Gold

De Block - Satan Gold

Brouwerji De Block – Satan Gold: This is a Belgian Strong Ale from Belgium brewed at a strength of 8% that I managed to find a single of at my local LRS simply because it was intriguing.

Aroma and Appearance: This craft beer pours with a thin layer of foam with a lot of carbonation and a cloudy golden colour. The aroma is a bit of clove, some banana esters, and a bit of cayenne like spice

Flavour: I quickly noticed the light carbonated mouth feel with some muted clove spice and a bit if hay. There is a odd oily texture and flavour that is almost soapy, not quite enough to kill the beer but enough the throw me off a little.

Overall Impression: I don’t consider describing a beer as soapy to be a good thing, but the rest was ok.

Rating: I give it a 4/10, below average with some odd flavours in there however still something you can drink.

Food Pairing: The lighter flavours would pair up well with a summer salad, perhaps something with avocado.



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