Craft Beer Event Review – Brassneck X CAMRA BC Brewery BBQ

originally posted on twitter  used with permission from  @brassneckbrew

Originally posted on twitter @Brassneckbrew (used with permission from the great folks at Be sure to check them out, I am in the blue/white shirt beside the cask, the one with the beard (ha ha).

Brassneck X CAMRA BC Brewery BBQ – was a CAMRA members only event that ran from 12-4 on Sunday, July 27th 2014 at Brassneck Brewery. At this craft beer event there were 12 taps and 2 casks available to chose from and your ticket included a plate of BBQ food from Railtown Cafe. You would have only heard of this event if you are a current CAMRA member (or subscribe to the news letter) or from a friend who is. Only CAMRA members were allowed in, new memberships were available for sale at the door, but you had to have pre-purchased a ticket as there were no ticket sales at the door. If you love craft beer and want to advocate for proper pours (#FUSS), cask beer and overall craft goodness be sure to join up at – there are also lots of discounts and event exclusives like this one to be enjoyed too.

This tap list was all included with the price of entry:

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My Overall Impression – The folks at Brassneck and CAMRA absolutely nailed with this event, it was spectacular! I have always found that the key to any good party or get together is very simple, yet often messed up by organizers. All you really need is good eats, good drinks and good people and the rest takes care of itself (good music can help too). Basically don’t try too hard, just let people have a good time and make sure they aren’t hungry or thirsty. This was well a organized, decently priced, well run, non crazy crowded event that was damn fun. I can honestly say CAMRA members are some of the friendliest, fun, craft beer loving folks out there. I went solo to this event, losing my usual beer event partner to Brewery and the Beast, and I quickly connected with a group of people who let me join in their fun card game called “Shithead” and we basically played it for length of the event.

Thanks to Ryan, Crystal, Brian, Chris & Jenn for the good times and hilarious card games, it was the only time I can recall where I enjoyed being called a shithead more than once! Also a big thanks to my wife for watching our children all day so I could go enjoy some local craft beer, you know you married a keeper when you get to do things like this.

Cost of Event and Value For Money – So how did this work exactly? For $46.00 + fees, so $50 basically, and a CAMRA membership you got entry into a members only exclusive event where the Brassneck craft beer was flowing freely, the food was BBQ’d up by Railtown Cafe and in the taproom there was some nice live music provided by a band that I didn’t catch the name of (will update if I get the answer). They had 14 craft beers available including two special casks, one of which featured a Barrel Aged Brett Porter. Both casks were drained halfway through the event, always start with the casks people!  Considering this event was all inclusive I would say that the value for money was outstanding and I would gladly attend another one.

Best in Show Personally, all though their sours were pretty decent, I thought the Stockholm Syndrome Brett Conditioned Saison was by far the best beer they had on site. I rated it 9/10 (awesome) because it hit all my favourite Saison flavours, spicy, farm funk, light mouth feel with grainy malts. A good 8 out of the 12 craft beers I tried were ones that I would come back for – rated 8/10 or higher – and the others were still very good (two I didn’t sample were Kolsch and Shogun’s Fundoshi, I would like to try Shogun’s at some point). I will post individual reviews soon, all the pictures of the beers I tried are at the bottom of this review if you are interested. Interestingly enough, mixing the Raspberry Sour and the Experimental sour was also a big hit that caught on as the night progress, I got one of these too and thought it was great.

Highlights of the event – First off, I need to say that the food was amazing. Everyone got enough to eat and many were picking at their plates as the event went on desperately trying to finish the piles of delicious meat and sides. Every dish was great, the pulled pork was the most talked about and I thought the cornbread was surprise hit. Second, almost without saying, the beer was top notch and was of great variety. Third, I have already mentioned the great crowd who were friendly, chatty and appreciative of great beer. Finally, the CAMRA staff and Brassneck staff were wonderful. Adam Chatburn – Mr President himself – was clearing plates, the bartenders poured fast and plentiful, and the band was both good and not so loud that you couldn’t talk to people. I also enjoyed the fact that you never really had to wait long for a beer, except for maybe last call which was an understandable rush and was only a few minutes wait.

Disappointments – None, ok well I would have loved for it to go longer of course, but no real complaints here at all!

A plate of meaty heaven, no love for vegans or vegetarians here!

Brassneck BBQ Food

Cornbread, Curry Wurst, Pulled Pork, 36 Hour Smoked Brisket, Chicken with some hidden Coleslaw and Potato Salad. They had corn on the cob too, but I skipped it.

Beers I sampled & other photos

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