Weekly Mash – June 30, 2014

This past week marked the end of pretty much all the kids registered activities (yay free weekends!), however it also means I won’t be coaching my daughter’s U7 girls soccer team until the Fall, which although I enjoy the break it is still bitter sweet as we had a wonderful team of kids and supportive parents this year. I hope to see them all back for the fall!

For the most part, this week was filled with mini adventures that weren’t overly exciting from an outside perspective however we still had some good times. I also got to single dad it for the weekend as my wife went to Vernon for her sister in-law’s stagette weekend, so naturally myself and the two kids went and saw Transformers 4 which was visually amazing and immediately after we saw How to Train Your Dragon 2 which was also a good movie. We ordered pizza, fell asleep watching Pacific Rim one night (another stupid, yet awesome movie) and had some fun dad time. Lastly, the kids got so spend some birthday time with their grandparents to in advance of their birthdays!

My Favourite Craft Beer’s from Last Week:

Great Divide Hercules DIPA Dageraad Blonde

Weekly Craft Beer Review Recap:

  • Click here to see the best of my week’s reviews via Storify, or simply scroll down from this post.

Interesting Craft Beer Links Around the World:

  • Looking to try out some craft beer review apps out there, here is a decent video review of the Beer Advocate and Untapped apps by the Brew Review Crew.
  • I was fascinated by this research on using spent grain waste as a way to promote bone regeneration featured on bringmethenews.com.
  • Would you drink beer out of a horn? I ordered one of these Das Horn things (queue the wife glare) after Czech Beer Blog featured them.

Interesting Craft Beer Links BC and Vancouver:

  • Central City Brewing hosted their summer cask festival featuring 30 casks, I mean almost 30 casks (as in 24) which I missed. Reviews were up and down compared to their previous events, have yet to find anything posted online. Their winter cask festival was excellent, I intend to go again in January 2015 if they still host it. Check out their twitter feed for more.
  • Big Ridge celebrated their 15th anniversary this week (congrats) and they held a cask off on the same day as Central City Brewing’s Cask Festival featuring 5 casks and Surlie Brewing took home the trophy (via their twitter feed).
  • Steel & Oak brewing opened up in New Westminster to a lot of raving reviews, I’ll have to check them out very soon (www.steelandoak.ca) and expect great things from them in the future.

Adventure of the Week:

Like I mentioned earlier, lots of little mini adventures but nothing too crazy this week. I went to Pikanik in White Rock to kill some time time and found out they carry Stumptown Cold Brew Coffee which is awesome as is all their gluten free food (hint, it tastes like real food). Also managed to finally check out the White Rock Beach Beer Company and grabbed a hat plus of course a 1L growler of their pale ale which was very good. We did lunch at Montana’s, birthday horn hats and all and finally on Sunday was our double header movie day followed by a lazy Monday breakfast at McDonald’s!



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