Craft Beer Review – Speakeasy Double Daddy Imperial IPA

Speakeasy Double Daddy Imperial IPASpeakeasy – Double Daddy Imperial IPA: Is a San Francisco, CA brewed Imperial IPA that comes in at a strength of 8.5% abv and was poured into a 22oz beer glass at home.

Aroma and Appearance: It has a slightly cloudy copper appearance and pours with at least 3 fingers of foam (so pour carefully) with surprisingly very little bubble action in the glass. The aroma is very strong with classic California IPA grapefruit, orange citrus, pine and doughy malt.

Flavour: Hints of doughy malty are almost overpowered by a blast of citrus and orange juicy middle, some caramel sneaks in as it warms to cask temperature and there is a heavy pine finish with a grapefruit aftertaste.

Overall Impression: Solid choice, not overly complicated. There is a pizza place near Disneyland that sells these in 22 oz bottles, it is a god-send after 12 hours in the park.

Rating: I give it a very good rating of 7/10 it’s a well executed Imperial IPA that delivers as expected.

Food Pairing: This would be good with a cajun chicken pizza or spicy burrito’s.

A lot of these California IPA’s really go heavy on the grapefruit hops, it’s always interesting to see the distinction of west coast IPA’s as they go north adding a bit more pine and a little less grapefruit the higher the parallel.



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