Craft Beer Review – Fearless Brewing Mjolnir Imperial IPA

Fearless Mjolnir Imperial IPAFearless Brewing – Mjolnir Imperial IPA: Is an IPA brewed in Oregon at a strength of 6.9% abv (so not really Imperial) and was enjoyed at home, poured from a tall boy can into a beer glass.

Aroma and Appearance: It pours a copper orange colour with 1 finger of foam and some sporadic rising bubbles. The aroma is bready malt with caramel, tangerine and mango with a bit of spicy herb.

Flavour: I get a nice chewy bready malt with some orange peel, mango, citrus and fruit in the middle and a dry bitter, pine resin and grapefruit finish.

Overall Impression: Nice IPA that has a malt profile of most Imperial IPA’s and a decent hop profile without being to high on the abv front.

Rating: I give it a very good rating of 7/10, a very good IPA that offers something a little different and was pleasant to drink.

Food Pairing: Go with some spicy shredded beef tacos on this one, or a meaty meal with some chili peppers.

I find it funny that this is styled as an Imperial IPA whereas Fat Tug at 7.0% is just an IPA. BJCP considers IPA’s at 7.5% abv and higher so they kind of styled it incorrectly, but at least the beer is tasty.



4 thoughts on “Craft Beer Review – Fearless Brewing Mjolnir Imperial IPA

    • I did get a bit of a kick that on their website they say “Our mission is to provide our customers with beers that are consistently excellent and stylistically correct”, but it was still decent stuff and I have a few other varieties of theirs to work through.

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